New Android/iOS Heritage Units Apps!

Faster and lighter than the web version. Ability to lookup train symbols from community database, Android notifications (free) and more to come.
2.5 Release Notes (12/28/2018)
  • If the server can tie the train # to the database it will provide a link so you can drill down for details
  • Can view your report history via the profile page
  • Ability to send another validation email code within the app
  • Ability to reset your password if forgotten
  • Increased speed of navigating home/near by screens
2.4 Release Notes (11/1/2018)
  • () Resolved issue where map icons are rotated in wrong direction. Android version is not effected by this issue
2.3 Release Notes (10/29/2018)
  • () Native Notifications are available to everyone for free (Settings > Notifications)
  • Train symbol database is publicly available and will accept community edits
  • When train symbol is viewed we'll show a map with origin/destination if geocoded (work in progress). We'll be expanding on this to show routing
  • Home screen is built to be more of a dashboard (map/near me)
  • Visual indicator icons now display when listing reports (similar to website)
  • Locomotive selector is now searchable which will assist with quickly finding a locomotive
  • Locomotive list is now searchable
  • You can disable “Prefill” feature when reporting (Settings > Reporting)
  • You can now hide individual locomotives or categories from your experience (Settings > Hide Locomotives)
  • Near Me on home screen is now configurable by range and age of reports
  • Fixed an issue where security tokens expired prematurely causing unnecessary logins
  • Locomotive selector on reporting screen now sorts correctly (previous sorted by codes/alphas which created a mess)
  • (iOS) - Resolved issue where dropdowns appeared empty (text was white/white background)
Special Notes
  • () 2.3+ requires Android OS 6.0 or higher. 90+% of user devices meet this requirement and will not be impacted. Note that this requirement was placed on us due to security requirements by the Google Play store. If your device's OS is 5.0 or older you will still be able to use 2.2 for now
  • () If upgrading from 2.2 you will be required to login again. This is due to change in the security framework.
  • () We're skipping version 2.2 to align the version numbers for Android/iOS
Got an idea for an enhancement or want to report a bug? Let me know!
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